MPC-M44V-60A Mustang Professional Complete Ceiling Kit


The Mustang Professional MPC-M44V-60A is a complete ceiling installation kit with 3’ to 5’ drop adjustment for 46” to 65” displays. Includes VESA display adapter, 3’-5’ adjustable extension columns for mounting on a single joist. Continuous tilt of 20° forward, 360° rotation. Incremental drop lengths provide perfect display positioning.

* The MPC-M44V-60A includes the MPCA-1C

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Mounting Solution Selection

Our universal mounting solutions range covers 10” to 100” displays. Our solutions have adjustable universal hole patterns (VESA) to fit a wide selection of displays.

VESA Patters from 75 x 75 to 1000 x 900 and weight allowances from 40lb to 500lb are available – Depending on the mount.

The display’s Inch ” size on our sales sheets is only a guide – Compatible display sizes can be larger or smaller depending on the VESA and weight of the display- Always check the VESA pattern and weight of your display to ensure compatibility with our mounting solutions.

Select the correct weight and the VESA mounting pattern of your display from our filters to ensure you choose correct mount for your display.

Articulating solutions.

Our Articulating mounts will articulate (pivot) between 40 and 180 degrees; however, this could be restricted by the width of the display. For unrestricted articulation check that the “Max Extension” of the mount is at least 50% of the width of the display.

Mustang Professional MPC-M44V-60A Complete Ceiling Kit. Max VESA: 400 x 400, Max Weight: 80lbs

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Display Sizes: 37″ – 65″ TVs
Weight Capacity: 80lb (36kg)
Max Mounting Pattern: 400x400mm
Rotation: 360°
Tilt: +15°/-0°
Pipe Drop Length: 3’ – 5’
Height Adjustments: 2” increments
Construction: High-grade cold rolled steel
Color: Black
Part Number: MPC-M44V-60A
Warranty: Limited lifetime



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