MPJ-3 Mustang Professional Universal Projector Mount


The Mustang Pro MPJ-3 Projector Mount. This Rolls Royce of projector mounts, is simply the easiest to install and also, the most precisely adjustable, without the use of tools. Heavy duty design makes this unit ideal for larger projectors and those with a lens that is o -center.

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Mustang Professional MPJ-3 Projector Mount. 351.5 diameter, Max Weight: 70lbs

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Universal: Universal Design fits hole patterns up to 351.5MM diameter. Additional legs expand the range to cover any large mounting hole pattern.
Quick Release: Quick release allows easy removal for bulb replacement without loosing picture adjustments.
Fully Adjustable: Roll(±8°), pitch(±15°) and yaw(360°) adjustments with standard screwdriver.
Installation: Installs to any structure with 1.5” NTP thread. Simply rotate the large easy to grip knobs to make all the necessary adjustments during installation. Crimson lead screw adjustment mechanism is unique and precise.
Color Choices: Black and White


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